Flow validation and error messages

After you build a flow, the last step is to Enable the flow. Flows are enabled by tapping  Enable Flow on the canvas. (They can also be enabled and disabled from your Flow library).

Assuming there were no configuration errors, your flow is now running.

However, if your flow contained an error, a dialog box will report an error.

Image: Example flow error message


Typically the error message will explain the problem, but if not, there are often clues on the canvas. For example, the quick link icon will turn red to indicate where in the flow the error occurs. It may be the thing to the left to to the right of the quick link.

Image: Flow containing an error


Check that you have selected appropriate triggers and actions, and that the flow logic is correct.


If you are still seeing errors, keep in mind the following things regarding flows:

  • Flows are evaluated from left to right
  • A flow must have one WHEN trigger and can have an unlimited number of ONLY IF triggers going into an action. In order for the ONLY IF trigger to apply, it must be connected to the yellow link that forms between the trigger and the action, not directly to the action.  For more information, please visit our Flow Basics Support Page.


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