Selecting and configuring Triggers and Actions

Let's refresh what a Trigger and an Action are:

A Trigger is what starts a Flow. It is essentially an event. Examples of triggers are: "when the door is opened", or "when the temperature rises above", or "when I am at home", etc.

An Action is something that is done. Examples of actions are: "turn on the light", "lock the door", "send an email", etc.


Simply put, Triggers and Actions are what tell flows what to do and when to do it.


To select and configure a Trigger or an Action, simply tap on the thing you wish to configure, select the appropriate trigger, or action, chose the settings appropriate for your flow scenario, and tap Save.


Image: Configuring a Trigger in Location 


 Tip: Flows always begin with a Trigger and end with an Action. There may be multiple Triggers and Actions within a flow, but something (a Trigger) has to initiate a flow, and the flow has to have a result (Action).


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    I feel stupid. I'm trying to do something VERY basic. I have two zwave light switches. I'd like a "flow" such that when I turn either one on, the other comes on (same for off)... i.e., link the two. I've tried varies "things" and flows... but can't seem to get it to work...

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    Did you ever get this working? If you are using SmartThings there are different ways to also make this happen with existing Smart Apps