Putting it all together. Building a complete flow.

Building a flow starts with adding things to your canvas from your library. (Your library is a collection of your things. It may contain things that have been pre-populated for you, or that you have added from the Stringify marketplace.)


We'll demonstrate building a flow by using a real example. In this example, let's build a flow that sends you a weather report at 5:00p.m., for the following day.


To build the flow:

  • From the main dashboard, tap on the Flows icon to navigate to flows.
  • Tap on New to open the canvas.
  • Tap on Name your flow and give your flow a descriptive name, such as Weather Report.
  • Tap on the + icon to bring up your library so you can select things to add to the flow.
  • Tap on Date & Time, Weather, and Email.
  • Tap on Add. The things you just selected will be shown in the staging area of the canvas. The staging area is simply a temporary holding area for your things as they wait to be dragged onto the canvas.
  • Drag the Date & Time thing to an open spot on the canvas. If needed, it will "snap" into the closest open spot.
  • Next, drag the Weather thing to the immediate right of Date & Time.
  • Finally, drag Email to the right of Weather.

Now what we've added the things to the canvas, we need to create a relationship between them. Right now they are just things hanging out on the canvas, we need to connect them together to create a flow.

  • Drag from the Date & Time thing to the Weather. (Careful, don't press too long or you may move the thing. If you do, that's OK, simply drag it back).
  • Now drag from the Weather thing to Email.

You should now see a yellow line connecting Date & Time to Weather, and another yellow line connecting Weather to Email. In between the things at the center of the yellow line, you'll see a small icon called a quick link. This indicates a relationship has been formed.

Congratulations!, you have just created your first flow.

Although we have easily connected three things together this flow isn't very useful yet. The next step is to specify what you want these things to do. Let's configure each thing.

  • Tap on Date & Time. Select the "Date and time is:" trigger. Change the time to 5:00p.m., and change Repeat: to Every weekday
  • Tap Save, and you'll be returned to the canvas.
  • Next, tap on Weather, under Actions, select Generate a weather report. Leave Location as is (it should be your current location), and change Report For: to Tomorrow if it is not selected.
  • Tap Save, and you'll be returned to the canvas.
  • Finally, tap on Email, tap on the Send me an email Action, 
  • Enter a descriptive Subject (such as "Tomorrows weather report").
  • For the Message field, simply tap on the + symbol just below the field. This shows the list of available parameters for this thing. Tap on the Weather Report parameter, and tap Done.
  • Finally, tap Save to return to the canvas one last time.

A quick note on parameters. Parameters are powerful concepts within Stringify. They are essentially variables whose values get populated when the flow runs. They are contextual, meaning you'll only see parameters that are specific to the things in a flow.

You have now successfully built and configured a flow. The last step is to Enable the flow. When you are ready tap on Enable Flow. Your flow will be validated, and assuming there were no configuration errors, your flow is now running. Every weekday at 5:00p.m. you will receive an email with tomorrows weather report.






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    Luis Marotta

    Regarding the weather thing, I think it would be usefull to have "only if" maximum temperature forecast is below xx decrees (not only over). Same for minimum forecast over xx degrees.