Discovering new Things

The world of connected Things can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, the experts here at Stringify created the Discover area to make finding Things incredibly simple.

We’ve spent the past several years testing every connected device, hand-picking the ones we love, making them available as a connected Thing in the Stringify app. Browse these incredible connected Physical Things and digital services in the Discover Area.

From your Dashboard, tap on the Discover area. Here you’ll find a collection of Stringify’s best connected devices and digital services. Let’s start with our connected Physical Things. Let’s say we own a Fitbit. Quickly browse through the Thing list to your Fitbit wearable. Tap on it to get more details.

Here you can see the product details and all of the Stringify supported Fitbit products. We own a Fitbit Surge which works well with Stringify. If you want to see the available triggers and actions, just tap here. Now just tap add, and Fibit is automatically added to your library.

Don’t stop here, add every Thing. Your connected lightbulbs, your cameras, even your connected car products like Automatic.

Before you leave, don’t forget to add your digital services. Have fun, remember everything you add, can be connected to any thing. Let’s add Facebook, Instagram and The New York Times. Fun right?

 Everything you added will be automatically available in your library.


Image: Discover The Best Things


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