Connecting Things on the canvas

Now that you've added the things to the canvas, you'll need to create a relationship between them to do something useful. Things need to be connected together to create a flow.

To connect two things:

  • Drag from one thing to another. (Careful, don't press too long or you may move the thing unintentionally. If you do, that's OK, simply drag it back).

You should now see a dashed line connecting one thing to the other

Image: Connecting Things


In between the things at the center of the line, you'll see a small yellow icon called a quick link. This indicates a relationship has been formed.

Repeat as needed to connect all your things in a flow.


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    Ted Bealmear

    If I incorrectly link two things together is there a way to remove the link? The only way I have found to fix it is to remove the thing that I have linked to and recreate it. Am I missing something?

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    Alec McLure

    What Ted said :-) ˆ

  • Avatar

    Can you do Logic ands. For example to presence sensor's. have to both show away before it does and action

  • Avatar
    Alec McLure

    Lawrence - check out the great cheat sheets at

    The second row (Only IFs) is I think what you're looking for...

  • Avatar

    The original question appears to remain unanswered. How can you remove a link once it has been made. It's such a pain to remove and replace everything after the link.

  • Avatar
    Ken Schmidt

    I second Derek. The original question remains unanswered. How can you remove a link?

  • Avatar

    Ditto.. need a way to remove a bad link if it is accidently setup so you do have to remove the configured thing in the flow.
    I also find it hard to do a true OR condition. Also series of events like IF this happens within X time of that happening then do an action. As an example, if I see motion on hallway and then bedroom motion sensor, turn off the kitchen light if not motion in the kitchen after 5min.

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    Gary Morris

    I would also like to know how to remove a link or to relink differently.

  • Avatar

    Agree. Cannot figure out how to remove a link.

  • Avatar

    Looks like a year and 1/2 has past since the original post and still not able to un-link items without having to delete & re-add them. In my opinion this missing feature is the app's highest pain point for users - please add!