Control Shortcuts for Physical Things

Control Shortcuts

1. Creating Thing control short-cuts on your Dashboard: 

The Shortcuts panel is the area that allows you to create shortcuts to Physical Things you access frequently. This is the first area you will see on your Dashboard. These are Things like lights, cameras, music players, and more. Once added, you can tap on a shortcut to control that Thing – such as turning a light on or off, arming a camera, or playing music. This allows you quick access and control to your favorite Things without having to jump from app to app.

Adding to Shortcuts to the Dashboard

  • Add Shortcuts
    • Once you have added and authenticated your Physical Things they can be added to your Control Shortcuts on the Dashboard. 
    • Tap the (+) icon on the Dashboard in the "Control Shortcuts" section. You will be able to select multiple Physical Things by tapping on the Thing icon. A green check mark (√) will appear on the Things you have successfully added. You will be able to add up to 20 favorites by tapping on ‘ADD’ button.  
    • They will automatically appear on Dashboard in the order they were added. 
  • Remove Shortcuts
    • Tap and hold on a Thing icon revealing an (X) in top right corner. 
      • Tap the (X) and the Thing will be removed from the Shortcut area, but will still remain in your Library.  
    • To remove Tap ‘Done’ to get out of the X mode.
  • Arrange Shortcuts
    • Tap and hold on thing to enter arrange mode. Move horizontally to adjust the order
    • Tap ‘Done’ to get out of the arrange mode


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