Stringify Quick Start Guide

Quick Guide

Using the Stringify Home Screen

This section is a quick walk-through for connecting your Things and building and managing flows. For more detailed instructions tap the links below. 

You can customize your Home Screen and Profile settings:

  • To change your PROFILE IMAGE, tap the circle image:
    • You can either select from your phone's Photo Library or
    • Launch Camera to capture a new image
  • To change your PROFILE SETTINGS, tap the ARROW icon in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. 
    • You can change your PERSONAL INFO like first name, email address, phone number and time zone. 
    • You can also view the Stringify Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Contact Us directly. 

The Dashboard consists of four major areas:

  1. Things - Add all of your connected Things here {link here}
  2. Flows - Build and manage your Flows here {link here} 
  3. Discover - Find more great Things and Flow Ideas here {link here}
  4. Control Short-cuts - Quickly control your Things here {link here}

Connecting Your Things

  1. Tap the Things button. 
  2. You'll reach the Things section notice that there are two types of Things
    1. All - The entire list of Connected things
    2. Physical - Connected Things like Nest, connected lights, cameras and more
    3. Digital  - Services like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and more
  3. You'll start on ALL THINGS, we've already added a few pre-configured Things to help you get started. Date & Time, tEmail, Location, Messages, Digital Button, Time, Weather and Yahoo News.
  4. To add new ones, either tap New, Physical or Digital and sort through the list to find the ones you own. Tap the Add Item icon to add them to your library. When you've added all of your Physical Things, tap to go back to your Library

Building and Managing Flows

Flows are unique to Stringify and they are they are the easiest way to create triggers and actions between your Things. Simply drag and drop your favorite things onto the canvas, pull a string to connect them together and add your preferences. 

  1. Tap the Flows button 
  2. You'll reach the Flow Library where you will find some of our favorite pre-loaded Flows.
  3. Tap the last one, follow the instructions, configure it, Enable it, and you're ready to go with your first active Flow
  4. To add your own unique Flow for your Things, tap the + icon to add the Things you would like to connect. Follow the instructions, configure it, name it, and Enable it. 

Discover Area

We’ve spent the past several years testing every connected device, hand-picking the ones we love, making them available as a connected Thing in the Stringify App. Browse these incredible connected Physical Things and digital services in the Discover Area.

From your Dashboard, tap on the Discover area. Here you’ll find a collection of Stringify’s best connected devices and digital services. Quickly browse through the Thing list to add every Thing, your connected lights, cameras, and your digital services like Twitter, Instagram and Dropbox. Tap on it to get more details. Now just tap add, and the Thing is automatically added to your library.

 Finally, Stringify allows you to discover the best ways to connect your Things. The Stringify team collected 100s of Flow ideas that will save you time, save you money, keep you healthy and most importantly, let you have a little fun.

Control Short-Cuts

The Shortcuts panel is the area that allows you to create shortcuts to physical things you access frequently. These are Things like lights, doors locks, music players, and more. Once added, you can tap on a shortcut to control that Thing – such as turning a light on or off, unlocking your door, or playing music. This allows you quick access and control to your favorite Things without having to jump from app to app.



Image: The Stringify Dashboard



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