Authorizing your Things

Authorizing your Things

There are Things that do not show a gear icon and Things that do show a gear icon. If you see the gear icon then that Thing needs to be authorized. Authorization required you to authenticate your Things.

Start by Tapping on a Thing icon with a gear, this will automatically open the appropriate authentication screen for that Thing. For example when authenticating Twitter, you will automatically be taken to a Twitter page that asks for username and password.

A. Successful Thing Authentication:

Most Things ask for the account log-in information, username or email address and password. Tap submit and your Thing will automatically be authorized. When you have successfully authorized your Thing, you will be presented with a success screen and a green check mark. Tap "Done" and you will be returned to your Thing Library. The gear icon will disappear and your Thing is now ready to be connected. 

B. Unsuccessful Thing Authentication:

If you were unsuccessful in your authentication or encountered an error in the process of submitting your account information, or you decide to leave the authentication process, you will be returned back to your Library of Things and the gear icon will still appear on the Thing.  You can always try again at a later time. The Thing will still remain in your Library until you remove it. 


Image: Homeboy Authentication Screen


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