Adding Your Things

Your Things

This article will address how to add your Things to Stringify.

  • Things within Stringify represent real world things such as lights, cameras, door locks, social media accounts, and many more. You add things to Stringify so you can control them (such as turning a light on or off) or to connect them to other things to build flows.
  • Before you do anything, you first need to add it to your library. 
  • You can do this in one of two ways – directly by tapping into the Things area and adding it, or browsing the Discover area and then adding your thing (we will discuss in a later video). No matter how you do it, they will all end up in your Thing library.
  1. Tap on the Things button from the dashboard, here you can add your physical things like, Nest, FitBit, or Lifx bulbs or go to the Digital tab to add things like Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. As an example let’s add Instagram.
  2. Start by tapping the New button. This will bring up the current list of Stringify supported Digital Things.
  3. Once you have found Instagram, tap on it to see more details
  4. Then tap on the Add button to add it to your library.
  5. Now you can either go back to add more things or close the screen to view your library.
  6. Instagram requires additional authentication before it can be used. This is indicated by the GEAR ICON.
    1. Simply tap on the Thing
    2. Enter your username and password tap login

Congrats your Stringify Things are ready to connect.

Step 1: Tap "Things" then tap "New" 

Step 2: Find your Things tap "add"

Step 3: Authenticate your Things



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    Is this app accessible from an internet browser or just a phone app? I am having difficulty with my Phone Keyboard and an html site would be perfect right now so I can play with this product..