Add new Things connected to my Hub or account

If you added devices to your Hue, Wink, SmartThings, LIFX, or Insteon accounts, Stringify will not automatically recognize your new devices.  In order to import them into Stringify, click on the account or hub in the 'Things' section of our app,  then click 'Re-Connect' (or click on the gear or dots in the corner, then Re-Connect).


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    Bill Brosius

    I get the dreaded Authorizing the selected device failed. Please try again later or contact support when I tried to add the second garage controller to my stringify account. What am I doing wrong?

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    Kris Linquist

    Hi Bill,
    Make sure you check all boxes for all things including the hub - not just the new thing you are trying to add.

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    Matt Freestone

    I have done this multiple times and the new devices still do not show up. This is in regards to SmartThings. The count of devices doesn't change when I add or remove devices. Something is clearly broken.

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    Matt Freestone

    Apparently the device has to be used once before it shows up, then the integration works??? Very odd...

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    Scott Thompson

    I am new to this app. Apparently the Android beta only supports weather at this point. I am really mostly using the web interface and I see no options to add any services. IFTTT has options for Alexa, SmartThings, Philips Hue, Nest, Etc. Am I correct in assuming those are all futures for Stringify and that weather is the only option now?

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    Mike Richards

    So, I thought I understood what I was doing wrong and simply needed to "re-connect" to my device's manufacturer. However, when I try to reconnect to some by clicking the "re-connect" button, the app takes me to a blank browser window and just sits there...doesn't load anything, no error message,nothing.

    My problem is I decided to move some bulbs around and when I did that, I wanted to rename the bulbs. In doing that, I lost all of my logical connections. So, after going into the source hubs, I thought a simple reconnect would pull in the updated device names and then I needed to do the legwork of mapping the devices to the correct flows. But as I said, the reconnect is giving me a blank screen.

    Now that I'm getting the hang of the tool, I'm really liking Stringify...what am I doing wrong?

    Also, is there a master list of Insteom devices supported? The Things section for Insteon in the app says "on/off switches" but when I reconnected the insteon devices, the new Insteon device has been identified as unsupported....its a 2876SB switch.

    Thanks for your help and thanks for producing such a great product!!