Flow Troubleshooting

If your flow isn't running, here are some basic troubleshooting steps:


  • Try to identify if it is the trigger or the action that is the root cause. To do this, you can create test flows for both the trigger and the action.  To test a trigger, create a test flow connecting that same trigger to email or push notification.   To test an action, create a test flow connecting one of our virtual buttons to that action - then press the button in the 'Things' section of our app.
  • For many physical things, we receive 'events' from the third party service or hub.  If you click on the Thing in the Things section of our app, see if you see the current status.  If not, click on the Hub then click 'Re-Connect.'
  • Disable and Re-Enable the flow.
  • Finally, if your flow is still not working, please contact us and include the name of the flow and when you think it should have fired but didn't.


If you feel you are having issues with the 'Location' thing, make sure you have wifi on your phone ON, you have granted Stringify to 'Always' access your location, and make sure your phone is not in low power mode.


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